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About Us

Breedertec offers ethical breeders an alternative supplier for their essential breeding and fertility products, backed by genuine expertise and guaranteed support. 

We promise:

* Warranties which actually mean something. Get in touch with us by phone, email or live chat. Our in-house engineers are on hand to service and repair equipment. 

* Well-researched, carefully sourced equipment. We supply only best-in-class products. Our procurement process involves in-depth discussion with manufacturers, and testing with our most experienced clients, many of whom we have been serving for over ten years. 

* Honest pricing. We know you have choice, and with the internet, you have the world at your fingertips. We do not insult you with rebranded sub-standard, cheap equipment that you will find at a fraction of the price elsewhere. If you find anything that we sell cheaper, please let us know. 


Things which are most important to us:

* Our reputation

* The trust and loyalty of our clients 

* The health and safety of animals


We can't wait to start working with you!