3 good foods for canine nutrition

If you're a dog owner, keeping your animal happy and healthy should be a top priority. Many people choose to buy generic dog food for their pets, but there are other foods you can give your dog to ensure they have the best canine nutrition available, three of which are listed below.


Eggs are generally considered to be healthy food, for most animals and humans alike. They contain protein, amino acids, calcium, antioxidants, and a range of different vitamins and minerals, also being great for healthy hearts. The good thing about eggs is that they can be prepared in a number of different ways, so your dog doesn't get bored of eating the same thing. They're also great for skin, eye, liver, and brain health making eggs a must for healthy canine nutrition.


Carrots are often included in dog food and for good reason! They contain a high amount of fiber, with the vitamins contained within carrots being good for eye, skin, and coat health, also helping to boost the immune system. Carrots can be used as a healthy, low-calorie treat for your dog, with the hard texture also being good at removing plaque from the teeth of your pet.


Chicken is another food source commonly found in dog food, often given by owners to their pets as a treat. Chicken is a great lean protein source, providing fatty acids such as Omega 3, which will help to give your dog a healthy coat. Chicken also contains Vitamin B and antioxidants, which are both great for the health of humans and animals alike. It should be noted that chicken should be fully cooked when given to your dog (it should never be served raw) and all bones and fat should be removed first, as these can cause choking hazards, which may lead to severe injury or even death.

Chicken, eggs & carrots are just some of the healthy foods that can be given to your dog in lieu of traditional dog food, with all these foods being great for canine nutrition. For more information, contact BreederTec today!

Image by mattycoulton via Pixabay