Many people choose to breed their dogs, either to breed them for sale or because they want more pets. If you feel that your male dog is lacking infertility or has a low sperm count, there are several things you can do to try and improve this.

Change their diet

It's important for your dog to have a good diet to keep them healthy in general, but there are also certain types of food you can feed them in order to increase their sperm count, thus increasing canine fertility. Foods such as eggs, spinach, bananas, and asparagus are known for increasing their sperm count, although you should still make sure they have a balanced diet and check for any allergies before giving your dog anything new to eat.

Test your dog for Brucella Canis

Brucella Canis is a bacterium that causes a disease called brucellosis in dogs, which can potentially harm your dog and lead to infertility. It causes different issues depending on whether your canine is male or female, but fertility issues can be caused in both sexes of infected with the disease. Before breeding your dog, you should speak to a vet and get them tested for the bacterium - it's also a good idea to get them tested even if you're not looking to breed them at the present moment, in order to prevent further health issues. The disease can cause abortions and endometritis in female dogs, so you don't want to risk spreading it from your male dog to the female dog you are breeding with.

Use vitamin E

Vitamin E is a supplement that is well known for increasing fertility in male dogs, with many studies being conducted to support this conclusion. Vitamin E supplements can be used, but the vitamin is also found in foods that contain essential fatty acids, so it may be an idea to give your dog a diet rich in vitamin E.

If you have any further queries about increasing canine fertility, you should speak to your local vet, particularly if you are looking to change the diet of your dog. You should also consider the ethical implications of breeding your dog, as their health is the most important thing.

Image by Chiemsee2016 via Pixabay