Dog breeding is very common within the western world, with many people choosing to breed dogs for pets or for sale. There are several things you can do to increase female canine fertility, with four laid out below.

Use fertility supplements

It's a good idea to give your dogs vitamins regularly, however, if you give them a prescribed dosage of multivitamins you can keep your female canine's cycle running smoothly and boost their health. Nutritional supplements can also prevent the risk of miscarriage and anaemia.

Use a proven breeding dog

Using a proven breeding dog to mate with your female dog is more likely to give good results when trying to get her pregnant, due to their past record. If a dog has previously sired a healthy litter then that is a good sign that they can create another fit litter. Please note it is important to make sure that any breeding is done ethically and that you don't overuse the dog.

Overall health

Make sure your dog is a healthy weight. This is a good tip for the well-being of your animals in general, but it's also one that can help with female fertility. Feeding them well-balanced and nutritional food will help to give them all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and improve fertility. A healthy dog is more likely to be able to have puppies and heartworm, flea & tick preventatives can also be purchased that are suitable for pregnant dogs. It's recommended that any dog trying to get pregnant doesn't have any underlying health issues and is kept up to date with their vaccinations, although it should be noted that vaccines should be performed no later than three weeks prior to her cycle.


Although Brucella Canis infections can be quite rare in dogs, it's still something to think about - this bacterium causes a disease called Brucellosis in dogs which can affect their health greatly, also contributing towards infertility and puppy loss. You can easily test your canine for this at your local vet's surgery.

It is also important to consider the ethical implications of breeding and if you are looking to get your dog pregnant, make sure her health is a top priority.

Image by sdnet01 via Pixabay