It is immensely exciting to welcome a new litter of pups into the world, but canine pregnancies may be perplexing, emotional, and costly. So, read on to learn some of the signs of pregnancy in dogs.

Reduced activity

If the dog becomes quickly weary or spends more time resting than usual, she might be pregnant. This reduction should be considered carefully for dogs who are normally active. It may be more difficult to detect a drop in energy in dogs who already prefer resting all day. If that's the case, pay special attention to how fast she tires on walks.

Appetite changes

The appetite of a pregnant dog might vary based on the canine and the month of her pregnancy. She might eat less or perhaps vomit sometimes midway through the pregnancy. She may, nevertheless, consume more than normal and be unsatisfied with her meals. These variations correspond to your dog's shifting hormone levels.

Strange behaviour

You might notice a difference in your dog's behaviour if she is pregnant. For example, she seeks the companionship of her owner more frequently. A pregnant dog may spend considerable time at your side, seeking additional attention. However, some may prefer privacy; she may appear unhappy or even irritated when offered attention.

Weight gain

Your dog's belly will grow in size as the pups develop. This is one of the most obvious signs of a dog's pregnancy, especially if the dog has no other cause for the sudden weight increase. However, as enlargement of the abdomen happens close to the end of your dog's pregnancy, it's best to take her to the clinic when you notice any of the other signs. 


During the final weeks of pregnancy, you'll see your dog tearing blankets and other available items to make a nest. She could also become cranky and withdrawn at this time, so make sure to keep her away from little children.

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