Increasingly, people are looking to start their own business offering a pregnancy scanning service. While many people do run successful businesses offering scanning services, it is important to remember that these businesses either:

  • Offer pregnancy scanning as just one of a range of complimentary services, such as microchipping, cytology or progesterone testing;


  • Have been scanning for several years (5+).

Longer time frames are important not only for building a reputation and client base, but for the inevitable drop in business many scanning businesses experience in their first two years. This is the result of other businesses starting up nearby, and clients being initially attracted by their (usually) lower pricing. If you are a well-trained, well-equipped professional, however, they will instantly notice the difference in quality of service of this person compared with you – and they’ll come back to you next time.


If you can weather this storm, it is worth it, because you will very likely then have clients that will stick with you for life. Nevertheless, it hurts when this happens, and reassurance that your clients will be back does little to help emotionally or financially through these very difficult times.


Be prepared

For these reasons, if you are planning on starting a scanning business, you must go in with your eyes wide open. 

  • Know that it will take you years to become busy with scanning alone, and plan accordingly: either have scanning as just one string to your bow, or begin this as a part-time job to do in your free time.

  • Endeavor to be the best: Ultrasound is a complex topic. Only attend training delivered by a company with expertise in ultrasound training specifically, and only buy equipment sold by experts. Ask a lot of questions before you buy, and look out for companies that don’t really know what they are talking about. 

  • Invest in yourself: Keep investing in your ultrasound education by attending extra courses and webinars, many of which are free if you are a member of a professional scanning community. The Vet Image Solutions Facebook page, and the Animal Ultrasound Association, are excellent resources here.