An ultrasound is a non-invasive type of imaging that vets use to diagnose health issues in dogs. The procedure is simple, short and painless, and beneficial in detecting various health developments and problems. If you’re unsure whether your dog needs one, here are a few tell-tale signs.

1. It has a heart condition

If your pet has a heart condition, your vet may recommend an ultrasound to determine whether it needs heart medication or not. This type of ultrasound is known as an echocardiogram, and it goes a long way in identifying the root cause of your dog’s heart condition.

2. You suspect your dog ingested a foreign object

Dogs are curious by nature, and they love to ingest new tastes, smells, and objects. Unfortunately, this means that they can swallow foreign objects such as food wrappers, rocks, and sticks, which can cause life-threatening conditions.

If you notice changes in your dog’s behaviour, e.g., vomiting and decreased appetite, take them to the vet for an ultrasound. The imaging can help identify whether they swallowed a foreign object, so you can them to surgery immediately.

3. Your dog is pregnant

If your dog is pregnant, you need to schedule regular ultrasound scans to monitor the growth, development and health of the fetus. Frequent ultrasounds ensure your dog doesn’t have a problematic pregnancy by diagnosing and treating problems earlier on.

If your dog got pregnant via artificial insemination, try finding a vet with a breeder ultrasound. These scanners are a valuable tool for assessing fetal viability, development and correct formation.

4. Your dog hasn’t responded to treatment

If you recently took your dog to the vet for treatment and its conditions haven’t changed or have worsened, you should be worried. This could signal an underlying problem affecting their response to prescription drugs and supportive care.

Fortunately, a vet can perform an ultrasound to determine any abnormalities that are negatively impacting treatment.

All in all, ultrasounds are an invaluable tool and contribute to the overall health of your canine friend. Get in touch with us today to learn more about animal ultrasounds for canines.

Image by Alkhaine via Pixabay